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djpoprox's Journal

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7 January 1999
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Ok lets start the new year off right... I am 23 I am fucking awesome, I am an ass kickin' fat kid. I go to college sometimes, and sometimes I play sports ie: football, Rugby, Hockey, and a little bit of tennis. I am from Montreal, so I do speak french. I am a member of PETA and ALF, and believe that nothing is more important than Human and animal rights, I would gladly lay my life down for anothers, I am an activist. You may see me protesting circuses, KFC, animal testing and any other thing concerning this. Also I AM ANTI-BUSH, pro stem cell research and pro-choice, it is not my body and not my decision, I have had my LJ since 8-2000, and every random thing in the world is in here, I know well over half of my friends on here in real life.
AIM: djpoprox

Speak english, french, or small bits in russian or polish.

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