Nate (djpoprox) wrote,

Rockin'Robin Tweet Tweet

  • 04:04 Iodint feelk good plz callk bme #
  • 10:50 Horrible horrible earache how am I gonna walk 2 hrs to work omg #
  • 13:25 @mikecurbstomp she said she misses your smell and wants to have sex with you... That's what that means #
  • 14:51 @mikecurbstomp hahaha #
  • 15:13 RT @cnnbrk: Officials try to rescue 6-year-old boy who climbed into balloon-like homemade craft, floated into sky over Colorado. #
  • 15:21 This kid on cnn in the wheather balloon is disturbing and frightening #
  • 15:41 Lol kid sent off a balloon and hid or something cuz he didn't wanna get in trouble lol #
  • 16:04 @mikecurbstomp car is still broke #
  • 20:35 @shelbysykes don't worry me and Mike will be there with ya #
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